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My experience with ITA Airways Volare status on other SkyTeam carriers

In the middle of 2022, I got Volare status on ITA Airways through a status match program they were running. Since then, I’ve found very limited use of this status. Through my Volare Club Premium status, I’m supposed to have access to SkyTeam Elite Plus benefits. However, as of December 31, 2022, I have not […]

How I’m requalifying for AAdvantage Platinum for 2023

Starting for the 2023 qualification year, AAdvantage qualification is based on how many AAdvantage base miles you earn, which count as what’s called Loyalty Points. It doesn’t matter how many segments or miles you actually fly; it essentially only matters how many miles you earn, which is essentially a function of how much you spend. […]

How I got AAdvantage Platinum in January 2022 during the double dipping period

I’ve been enjoying the wonderful benefits of AAdvantage Platinum and oneworld Sapphire since January 2022. While I had qualified for AAdvantage Gold back in October 2021, I was going to be making a 2 month trip to Europe and I realized it would be really handy to have the additional benefits provided by oneworld Sapphire […]