The best travel-size toothpaste for carry-ons

We all know that whenever we’re flying, we have to adhere to the annoying 3-1-1 liquids carry-on rules. I used to think that meant I could only bring small, travel-size toothpaste (only carrying about 0.85 oz in the container) like the below:

Believe it or not, those little travel size toothpaste bottles that contain almost no toothpaste inside are not the largest that you can stow inside your carry-on. Plus, they can cost over $1 per tube, which is a huge rip-off.

Instead, you can find great toothpaste deals like the following I got from Walmart. It only cost 89ยข and it’s 2.5 oz, which is significantly under the 3.4 oz limit set forth by the TSA. 2.5 oz will last you for a few months on the road.

This is one of the largest TSA 3-1-1-compliant toothpaste tubes you can get!

Will this fit inside a quart-sized bag? You bet it does.

Not only does this 2.5 oz tube easily fit inside a quart-sized bag, it also goes with plenty of other items you may wish to take with you.

Next time you fly, ditch the rip-off travel-size toothpaste and buy an inexpensive tube at a local supermarket.

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